A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you



Dear visitors, dear artists and dear friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest,

As a retired graphic artist, I really enjoy to have time for things I like. I am looking for and collecting Art Brut and devote myself to the expansion and the actualisation of the website whenever new works are added. The site is a great source of joy for me. I am very grateful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists who allow their works to be published on the website.

I also thank all Facebook friends and followers on Instagramm for their support and all visitors to the website from all parts of the world: the fact that they are interested in the same type of art and show this by visiting the page, is an important encouragement for me!

Visitors are most welcome to contact me by mail (aussenseiterkunst@gmail.com). As a lover and collector of Art Brut, I look forward to any contact with interested and like-minded people and I will be happy to answer. There is regularly something new to discover (see "new acquisitions"). In 2020, I decided to completely revise the page, so the layout has been improved. The images are in larger size and the whole navigation is much smaller at the bottom. The weekly "Challenges", publised on Facebook for 3 years encouraging art lovers to closely look at artworks and find the artists of the works, just for fun, is now part of the website, offering the possibility to check the results and brouse through other pictures of the artists and get informations about them. The biographic pages have been upgraded as well.

May I ask for your participation to improve the site ? It has grown significantly over the years and it is unfortunately almost impossible for me to check thousands and thousands of links and descriptions on about two thousand pages seriously and I am fully aware that mistakes keep creeping in that I don't even notice. Therefore If you happen to come across errors, I am extremely greateful if you send me a message to inform me: your tips are very valuable as it is and will alvays be my aim to improve the site

Thank you for visiting and goodby, I hope you visit the site again another time, Peter Bolliger, May 2020