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Elisabeth Baldach lives in Montpellier. As a child, Elisabeth Baldach made rag dolls that she sold at flea markets. As an adult, Elisabeth Baldach did several jobs. She was a saleswoman, managing director and is now a dental assistant. She had taken an "artistic break" but never stopped collecting small things, plants, driftwood, pebbles, small antique items, inferior jewelry, somewhat old fabrics to use one day, but Elisabeth Baldach only started ten years ago really with artistic creation. “I started with family portraits and took inspiration from my family tree. My name Baldach comes from the city of Baghdad, where my ancestors on my father's side come from. They left Iraq and crossed Europe to settle in Poland and then came to France. It really inspired me ".

Elisabeth Baldach likes to create soft sculptures or compliment an embroidery by adding small objects, feathers, jewels, seeds, pearls… She also looks for “fat” in her oil pastel drawings. She often works in series such as “Family Portraits” or “Chickens, a Well-Tended House”. The themes are borrowed from a certain nostalgia, from a past and fantasized time. She works at home in all rooms. On the sofa, on my bed, on my terrace ... I have creations all over my house! “Your older sister studied fine arts in Paris. “She had an artistic project based on ancient icons. “I helped her with this. The work made me happy and continues to inspire me to this day. ”The characters in their creations are often named, which helps to dive into the beginning of a story and invent the rest. So we find "Roger the coquette and his car", "Anna at the reception", "Aunt Berthe, the lady in the green dress" and so many other women, men, children who really populate the world or in the imagination of Elisabeth Baldach . She starts exhibiting in galleries. Some works are exhibited in a gallery in Montpellier and she also takes part in exhibitions and festivals such as the vibrations textiles festival in Paris and she posts her work on Facebook.

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