A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Aconcha Santz


"Thank you very much for the interest in our project. We are an NGO located in Turkey that help Syrian refugees to settle and integrate in the host country. The artist's name is Rahda Damlakhi, she is 28 years old and has down syndrome. We discover her talent by conducting art therapy workshops. She has this amazing abstract world and intuitively explores shapes and lines. She has a great sense of space. She usually describes the shapes she draws as houses and/or hearts. She enjoys drawing on all type of materials, canvas, paper, textile, even on beach stones, and lately has been experimenting clay. Rahda has a great sense of humor, she is illiterate and found through art her way to express her feelings and view of the world. She is coming from a big family of 8 children, she is a very charismatic character and has a special place in the local community."

Rahda Damlakhi