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Houck Eric / e9Art


Born in 1961, lives and works in Bourcq, in the Ardennes.
“Since I was a child I have always had colored pencils handy. These are tools that allow you to make small drawings, in a few minutes, on a corner of the table. As for the black marker, its use is linked to comics and in particular to the "clear line" which I particularly appreciate. I remember thus having reproduced vehicles, cars, trucks, tanks, planes ... discovered while reading the adventures of Tintin and of some other characters of comic strip. My vehicles are therefore an assembly of colored shapes, delimited by black lines. I discovered Art Brut for the first time, around 25 years ago, at the Musée de la Création Franche in Bègles and then at the Halle Saint-Pierre, in Paris. One artist particularly appealed to me: Joseph Vignes dit Pépé Vignes with his cars and flying machines ... But I just watched. What really made me bring out my colored pencils from the drawer where they slept was the purchase, about 3 years ago, of an exhibition catalog: "Vehicles", a collection of drawings from the Collection of the Art Brut of Lausanne. The diversity and richness of the designs amazed me! They brought back childhood memories, drawings but also images of small cars, small trucks, airplanes with which I played. And I wanted to embark on the adventure, to realize, me too, not a drawing but a series of drawings ... Especially since at the same time I worked on this theme with children and their creativity, their imagination in this area has been contagious! Social networks and mainly Facebook allowed me to show my work while discovering that of others. The first of the artists discovered in this way is Pierre Albasser. I really like his bizarre characters, his animals ... and that's probably what prompted me to also place characters in my drawings because at the beginning there were none. In recent months, I have even started to develop a series of drawings where characters and vehicles blend together. Sometimes there are not even vehicles anymore but just a "face" constructed in the same way: black marker lines and areas filled in with colored pencil. My drawings thus reached Sophie Lepetit who adopted some of them, published others on her blog and then offered to participate in my first exhibition, in Loudun in September 2019. The very day she saw her Invited me to participate in this exhibition, François Chauvet who had just discovered my drawings on Sophie's blog, contacted me ... The exhibition at Hang-Art will therefore be my second exhibition! "

Rosalina Aleixo