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Marc Eberschweiler (MEB) 1936-1988, was an artist with a trisomy, about whom a booklet "MEB le peintre joyeux" is said to have appeared in 1981. In 2013, the "Absolument excentrique" exhibition took place in the Hotel de ville in Paris, an exhibition that showed works by disabled artists and made direct reference to MEB with the words: l'oeuvre de Marc Eberschweiler alias MEB, sera mis à l'honneur. Ce fameux artiste handicapé qui suscitait le respect de Eugène Ionesco qui disait à son propos "Il s' agit d'un peintre mongolien […] vous allez voir combien cet univers est riche, troublant, étrange ".. (examples of further works; 2 pictures from the Internet)


MEB / Marc Eberschweiler