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Aconcha Santz

bio Andrews

Born in 1960. I live in Cumbria in the north of England, near the Scottish border. I've made pictures on and off over the years but decided at the end of 2011 that I would do more, something every day maybe, and more or less have done that since then. I consider that my drawing has set me free as I've struggled to find something that focused my mind and that I felt was a contribution and worthwhile and fulfilling. If someone asks me what I do I tell them that I just mess about drawing pictures, which is pretty much how I see it. I suppose I'm interested in the general upside downness of things and how nothing really makes much sense when you start thinking about it lol.
I tend to just let my drawings evolve on their own and try not to have too much of a plan for their direction. Things tend to emerge in the process which can be surprising and this keeps the drawing process fresh for me. It has been great that I can just about make a living from my "messing about" which I would never have considered possible when I started.

John McKie