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Aconcha Santz


"SEZ, Sandra Zickefoose was born in 1947 and grew up in California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, moved to New York with 40 and fell in love with sounds, speed and angle of the metropolis and the change of seasons (as it is in California hardly known). Since her childhood she had dealt much with colors and was encouraged by teachers to develop her skills, what her family did not encourage – in the '90s, she bought her first color pencils to "play with color on paper» Friends saw the result and asked for copies of the drawings. She made painted furniture for her children and began at the suggestion of a friend, to sell her drawings on the Internet on Ebay. Collectors around the world have bought her works since. She lives in Portland, Oregon, north-west Pacific". (answer I got from the seller to the question: "Who is SEZ?")

Hedula Wieser