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With the exception of Sisi Bolliger, Kurt Haas, René Kolb, Elijah, J.Lager, Fritz Müller, Linda Naeff, A.Rüttemann, Adolf Wölfli, Alain Signori, Marilena Pelosi and Angkasapura and King Orth which I both found on the platform Facebook, I found most of the works on eBay, starting with tunisian artist Jaber, living in Paris, who has awakened my collecting passion. With regular searches I came again and again accross works that convinced me that I bought and so emerged over time a collection of outsiders according to the "random principle".

The greatest discovery in my eyes was Ernst Kolb, whose unique drawings are presented here. His drawings were offered on eBay from 2011 by Rolf Bergmann. I was intrigued and excited and when I had bought a few drawings, I sent a little documentation to professionals. The editor of the magasin "RAWVISION", John Maizels, responded by return mail and suggested to devote Kolb a contribution which appeared in number 79 ( it is available for download on this page ). The renowned "Collection de l'Art Brut" in Lausanne spoke of Kolb as "a créateur tout à fait étonnant" and bought in late 2013 25 drawings from Rolf Bergmann and whished to be represented in the article in "RAWVISION» with some of their drawings.

2013 Ernst Kolb could not be traced in the web. The Wikipedia article, changed this, but while his biography was uploaded, the description of his drawings was considered as"blahblah“ and immediately removed. The term "Art Brut" was eliminated and Kolb was registered as "Ernst Kolb, artist". For copyright reasons, no drawings were shown (this would only be possible in 2063, 70 years after Kolbs death). I decided to create this site to make accessible my personal Kolb-drawings on the web. In Kolb's Wikipedia article, there is a link leading to this site.

Warum? Who would know of Ernst Kolb today without Rolf Bergmann? The author and biographer Rolf Bergmann lived from 1942 to 2015. He knew Kolb personally and dedicated him after his death a commemorating book "The Man with the plastic bag". He worked tirelessly for him and took care of the estate. He offered Kolbs drawings on eBay, which has set the ball rolling... He found Kolb diaries in old German Sütterlin font, which he made transfer into readable German. The hardly known life of the outsider appeared in a new light which led to a completely new Kolb-biography by Rolf Bergmann. He had long ago unsuccessfully contacted museums , e.g., the "Collection de l'Art Brut" in Lausanne. Kolb had left his drawings untitled – Rolf Bergmann gave them striking titles and offered them on eBay for sale: the nearly forgotten artist came in the focus of lovers, and was re-discovered. Now an article appeared in "RAWVISION", the collection in Lausanne bought drawings. As a collector and Kolb-lover I'm infinitely grateful to Rolf Bergmann to have been alerted to Ernst Kolb.
We were in contact via email and I had 2013 great pleasure in Mannheim with a memorable reading from his recently published biography as part of a piston exhibition dedicated in Mannheim personally know to-learn it. Here was taken to him there by the organizers to the accusation of having drawings Kolb's offered on eBay and sold. Had he not done so, nobody would have known something of the piston and at worst Kolb's estate would have been even discarded. This accusation has him very belastet.Der death of large piston-conveyor in May 2015 represents a great loss for the Renaissance of a Forgotten. It has become quiet around piston. There arrive no drawings more in the sale. A glimmer of hope remains: the collection in Lausanne is preparing an exhibition of Kolb drawings, to which I am looking forward!

The publication of Kolb's drawings on the web, the purchase of drawings by the museum, the publication in the magazin and the publication of the biography "Ernst Kolb, baker, citizen, artist" by Rolf Bergmann byWellhöfer Edition in 2013 were important steps. Meanwhile Ernst Kolb is found by search engines. My Kolb drawings along with exciting works of other artists (see index on the left) can be discovered on this site ...

Copyright of the photographs: The images of this website may be used when mentioning the source (www.aussenseiterkunst.ch) german or (www.outsider-art-brut.ch) english

Works Sisi Bolliger are presented here for the first time. In her livetime, she has never exhibited her work and only a very few people knew she was drawing at all...the works of Sisi Bolliger

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