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Aconcha Santz


I was born in 1945 in a Blue colar working town 1/2 hr. north of New York City. This was a great place to grow up, we had people from all different countries, nationalities, religions living in our neighborhoods. As a child I liked painting, drawing and making things out of wood and building materials for my toy train sets and Christmas display. My father was in construction so there was always wood, metal paint etc. to build things. I also sang in a quire, acted and sang in plays in and around New York and was the lead singer in acouple of rock groups late in my teens, I basically did art for my own enjoyment and am self taught. As a young child there were no art schools or places to buy art supplies as there are today. I used basic materials ( pen, pencil, crayons house paint) for drawing and painting and painted on wood, paper, metal anything you could do art on. Once I took some tar out of a 5 gallon pail my father was using to fix the garage roof with and used a stick to draw a dragon on the side walk in front of a friend 's house. That dragon was still there years later even after I was first married

One of my father's working friends was from Alabama and he showed me how to make paint out of dirt by mixing it with water and vegetable oil. To make what he called mud paint. I would also mix dirt or sand into latex or oil paints to make it thicker. I still make and use mud paint today either to use as a base coat and then paint something on top or to use on top of a flat base coat to make the object I am painting stand out off the background to give it a 3D affec While raising family and running a business I only painted a little for my own pleasure. I did make wood and metal business signs and painted on them as a side business. In my mid 30s I was diagnosed with a liver disease from years of drinking and given just a few months to live. I always believed in God but was not practicing any religion. But I did ask God to remove my disease and my desire to drink and since that day I never have had the desire to drink and my disease was cured. I decided to slow down and moved to Vermont when I was 50. I worked part time for a contractor and started a small retail business selling Vermont made products and some of my painting and artist Bears I made by hand.

After a divorce. I remarried and picked up on my art work. I started selling some small paintings on eBay and they sold which was a surprise as I never intended to sell any or make money off my art work. There was a large state fair starting and my wife suggested I enter a few of my paintings in the art show, I was surprised to win 2"d. Place at the State wide event that was judged by professional artist. So then my wife suggested I open a studio in our barn. I did and Besides my art we also sell others products and produce from our farm animals and my wife 's homemade bake goods. My art is selling locally, and to tourist and we have had some celebrities stop by a purchase some of my paintings so we are happy we made the move. We still have a small home repair and service business to help make ends meet but are doing OK We live in the Historic town East Dorset Vermont and are located on 825 route 7A


Richard Chalmers